A Simple Client Server Project Made by Python and Vue3

Introduction This demo will show a user list with avatar, username and description, which is the data fetched from the backend. At first, the client page made by vue3 will send a request to the server, then the server respond and transfer a JSON typed data. Then the clinet page accepts this data, and render a page. Backend There’s a HTTP service powered by FastAPI, which is a high performance web framework for Python.

Solve the problem of dual screen with NVIDIA and Intel GPUs

Introduction Recently I bought a new monitor made by ViewSonic, but I meet some problems of the dual GPUs. In the past years, I have used only one screen which is installed in my laptop without NVIDIA graphcial drivers. (Only use the Intel core GPU). However, because of the new monitor added, the ntegrated graphics is not powerful enough to output two screens. Therefore, I decide to install the NVIDIA grapcial driver of the RTX3050 on my Arch Linux in order to make use of the Discrete Graphics Card to output the new screen.

How To Transfer A Value From The Parent Component To The Child Component in Vue 3.2

Introduction Vue is a popular JavaScript framework for building interactive web interfaces. It’s easy to learn, versatile, and has a supportive community. Developing single-page applications with Vue is incredibly convenient. However, there are instances where we encounter challenges when it comes to transferring values between parent and child components. Still unclear? Imagine this scenario: You’ve created a button and you want it to control the content of a <p></p> element, thereby fulfilling a specific development requirement.

Attempted solution to the OpenStack Provincial Competition problem (Part One: Installation)

Introduction As you know, I have been fortunate enough to be selected by my instructors to participate in the provincial cloud computing competition. As a result, I have joined the project group in campus. As a member of the group, I need to study hard and continuously expand my knowledge. To achieve good results at the upcoming provincial competition, we need to learn about the structure of private clouds and the different types of container clouds.